Hydrotint X-Range

Our standard range of coloured aqueous dispersion. APO free and low VOC.

Hydrotint HP. X-Range

Our range of high performance (light fast, weathering fast, and heatfast) aqueous pigment dispersions. Designed for exterior paint applications.

Hydrotint V Paste Range

A special anionic pigment dispersion designed for the colouration of paper, board and soap.

Hydroflex Range

This is a range of acrylic stabilised aqueous pigment dispersions. The product is APO and VOC free. Designed for printing inks, latex rubber and wood colouration.

Universal Range

A range of pigment dispersions for the colouration of both water based and solvent based decorative paints. The intended use is in point of sale systems and factory tinting systems.

Hydrocure Range

Ultrafine aqueous dispersions of Sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators and antioxidants.